Senior Holidays


Senior Holidays We are entering a very exciting time of the year. A time where friends and loved ones gather together, even if only for a few days. Much of this season is filled with sharing happy memories and creating new ones. We so enjoy being together with the hustle and bustle that [...]

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The Impact of the Impending “Silver Tsunami”


The Impact of the Impending "Silver Tsunami" By 2035, just 15 short years away, the U.S. Census Bureau projects that adults age 65 and older will outnumber youth age 18 and younger, 78 million to 76.4 million. The aging of our Baby Boomer generation is often referred to as the "Silver Tsunami," and [...]

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Serving The Whole Person


Serving The Whole Person Sir Richard Branson once said, “Business opportunities are like busses - there’s always another one coming.”  Of course I could never have understood that circa 2004 as a young man who just wanted to do something truly special. And that’s the heart of why I found the right opportunity [...]

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