Perhaps the fastest-growing area of home care includes non-medical services intended to assist patients with activities of daily living so they can maintain their independence and families caring for them can receive the assistance they need. These services are often referred to as a caretakers, personal attendants, attendant care, or various similar terms.

Specific services offered may include assistance with bathing, feeding, dressing, toileting, facilitating transportation – including ambulance, homemaking, laundering, and even companionship. Our clients often find it helpful to their overall health to receive reminders about their medicine or assistance in administering pre-dosed medication. Consumers and families should be aware, however, that these activities have limits, and our providers may be restricted in scope at times by state law.

For home tasks beyond a patient’s ability, our aides take great care to accommodate patient preferences. For example, menu, hairstyle, or hobby requests are often incorporated into a Caprock home health plan.
Our mission is to provide unparalleled service to our patients, where they see us as an extension of their family. Our family-owned business operates like a large family, and it’s not uncommon for families of whom we serve to become part of our Caprock family during the process.

Attendant Services
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