Caprock Home Health Services, Inc. has developed a modern service delivery model through our advancement in point of care software, mobile technology, and telemedicine services.

Our newest advancement in telemedicine is the addition of Honeywell Hommed telemonitors. This technology allows us to utilize a telehealth monitor system to provide immediate vital information relevant to the patient’s health status each and every day.

Telemonitoring is a relatively new use of technology to enhance the delivery of home health care services. Our Telehealth services include telemonitoring and remote patient monitoring and is used in combination with home visits to maximize patient care and experience.



The following are patient selection criteria for telemonitoring:

  • Frequent emergency room visits
  • Frequent hospitalization
  • Chronic diseases such as COPD, Hypertension, Diabetes, Hypotension, Congestive Heart Failure, Cardiovascular Diseases, Emphysema
  • Any condition requiring routine monitoring or tending of health status information to facilitate clinical management.
  • Other patient populations as identified by Physicians or Caprock Home Health Services.


Each telehealth monitor is customized to the individual patient according to the physician care plan. The monitoring can include blood pressure, pulse, weight, and pulse oximetry. Our equipment also has a disease management component that prompts the client to answer customized questions specific to their health condition. The data is automatically transmitted to our agency for clinical review and trending. As the physician, you can choose to have the patient take their vital signs and answer the questions once a day or several times a day.


To improve patient outcomes and maintain quality patient care, facilitate recovery, and reduce hospital readmissions.


There is no cost to Medicare and Medicaid eligible patients who are referred for home healthcare services and meet the selection criteria. Commercial insurance and private patients cost will be determined upon admission.

Telemonitoring has enhanced our agency’s capability to track our patient’s health as frequently as prescribed more accurately. This technology allows us to address problems as they start to occur and prevent an event that may require more serious intervention.

Look to Caprock Home Health Services, Inc. to reduce emergency care and hospitalizations, enabling patients to stay at home where they are better able to recover from their acute episodes.

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