Serving The Whole Person

Sir Richard Branson once said, “Business opportunities are like busses – there’s always another one coming.” 

Of course I could never have understood that circa 2004 as a young man who just wanted to do something truly special. And that’s the heart of why I found the right opportunity – it was in my why. 

And thus I said YES to the opportunity to lead Caprock Home Health in June of 2004.

I couldn’t easily define what ‘something amazing’ I was seeking really was at the time, but I was eager to pursue my purpose, my why in business.

The company’s mission was explained during my orientation, but I couldn’t grasp what my contribution towards that mission would be at first. I vividly remember being immediately intimidated by the dedicated, talented people that had built Caprock over the first 20 years.  I joined the company with the same How would I add value to this company? How could I contribute to the bigger mission? How was I ultimately live up to their expectations?

The ‘their’ is important in my story – because Caprock was founded by my parents – hard working, passionate people who were trusting their baby to me – and I wasn’t ready. I also didn’t want to be the stereotypical second generation business owner that takes what was founded or my colleagues who had been there for the duration for granted. I was determined that would not be my story. I would EARN my seat on the bus. 

Over the past 15 years, that curiosity and commitment lead to clarity and focus. Because of my passion to build culture from a place of purpose and gratitude, I can see the amazing things happening every day at Caprock Home Health.  

The way I add value is to ensure that everyone in our organization understands and embodies the company’s mission. To accomplish that, I’ve constantly sought personal and professional growth.  And while I now have clarity to guide me and set the focus for my work, I daily ask myself if my colleagues at Caprock feel the same. Does everyone share the same experience at work that I do?  Sure, we have our tough and challenging days, but do our employees find fulfillment and their own ‘why’ through their work? Does our team understand our mission – who we are and what we do?

Healthcare is a complex issue, but our ‘bus’ at Caprock is pretty simple. We have the daily opportunity to provide quality healthcare for our friends, families and neighbors in the most intimate setting – their home. This may be among the most life giving opportunities – it was certainly the special ‘something amazing’ I sought as a young man. 

We get to meet people where they are, often in their most vulnerable state, and improve their quality of life, honoring them with dignity and providing them with independence. 

In one of the most regulated industries, we of course have our rules of practice, but there is no limit to the compassion we can bless others with as we serve others in their time of need. This compassion sets us apart from our competition, and makes us most often described as “family” both among our team and within the lives of those we serve.  

‘Serving The Whole Person’ defines Caprock both internally and externally. 

We may have been hired to provide a specific home health service, but when entering a client’s home, we see beyond the initial request to recognize solutions, ensuring all the client’s needs are met. We accomplish this by empathizing with each client to understand the dynamics of their home, family/primary caregiver support, social desires, religious practices, and any pertinent need that will complement the healthcare we are providing to obtain positive outcomes.

Serve the Whole Person” is also at the heart of our employee relations. Caprock can not be successful without a quality team which comes from serving them with excellence, providing every opportunity for their growth and success. It is critical to me that our team experiences the same excitement and passion that I do each and every day, and as a leader at Caprock it is my job to provide that environment.  

I once heard our Congressman say that he got chills every time he saw the flag at the Capital – and that should that feeling of responsibility and privilege to serve ever depart, it was time for him to come home. 

Fifteen years since I said YES, I still get chills when I walk through the doors of any one of our offices or sit down in one of our clients homes. I have the distinct opportunity to serve families and lead an amazing team of people who strive to add value to this world each day. It simply doesn’t get much better than that.


Without Caprock I wouldn’t have stepped out of my house. Now they are helping me get my drivers license so I can be more independent.

Brayden, Lubbock

Carlos personally cares for me like I’m family. One night after hours when I got really sick, he came to the hospital to look after me. Who else would do that?

Ramona, Lubbock

The people at Caprock are very special to me. No matter what I need they are just a phone call away. I have been with other providers in the past but Caprock is different, they really care about me.

John, Lubbock



Our patients invite us into their homes, to help them with their home health care needs based upon aging, disability, or debilitating diseases. We must show them and their families a high level of compassion and concern for their well being.

We take a lot of pride in the quality of our work. Our patients have entrusted us with their home health care needs and deserve a high level of quality care.

Change in the healthcare industry is inevitable, therefore we must always be prepared to change our practices and improve our technology to ensure the wellbeing of our patients.

We like to encourage our employees to reach their full potential. As our employees become established within their jobs, we want to create opportunities for them to feel fulfilled.

We offer many different home health services, some of which can overlap. We always work as a team to provide a strong home health care service to our patients.

Our employees make us a strong company, therefore we will continuously create opportunities to obtain and utilize their suggestions of workplace and home care service delivery improvements.


If you or your loved one can benefit from personalized home treatment, please contact us.