The Impact of the Impending “Silver Tsunami”

By 2035, just 15 short years away, the U.S. Census Bureau projects that adults age 65 and older will outnumber youth age 18 and younger, 78 million to 76.4 million. The aging of our Baby Boomer generation is often referred to as the “Silver Tsunami,” and it will significantly impact the healthcare industry. 

This population has largely cut their own path since the ’60s, and it seems doubtful they will age any differently. Not only will this put new demands on our system for multiple healthcare solutions, but given their unique consumer demographics and resources, the expectations on how and where those healthcare solutions are delivered is a new consideration. Call it a bias, but I believe it would be a reasonable expectation that this senior citizen population will prefer to stay and age gracefully in an environment they are comfortable with, their own home. Though that can be intimidating to caregivers to consider, when physical and medical needs arise, just know you never have to go it alone. 

In anticipation of this trajectory, Caprock Home Health scaled our services and team to assist Baby Boomers with their desire to age gracefully. 

There are several options of healthcare you can receive at home, all based upon your immediate and long-term needs. For example, within the booming industry of Home Health Care, Home Care is the fastest-growing area of home health services. Home Care is defined as non-medical services intended to assist patients with activities of daily living so they can maintain their independence while families and caregivers receive the assistance they need. These services are often referred to as Caregiver services and are custom designed to meet all of your needs to comfortably age in place. 

Specific services offered may include assistance with bathing, feeding, dressing, toileting, facilitating transportation – including ambulance, homemaking, laundering, and even companionship. Our clients often find it helpful to their overall health to receive reminders about their medicine or assistance in administering pre-dosed medication. Consumers and families should be aware, however, that these activities have limits, and our providers may be restricted in scope at times by state law. 

Our mission is to ‘Serve The Whole Person’ by providing unparalleled service to our patients, where they see us as an extension of their own family. Our family-owned business operates like a large family, and it’s not uncommon for families of those we serve to become part of our Caprock family during the process.  Care coordination is vital to ensure improved patient outcomes. CHHS is well established to coordinate care from non-clinical to clinical with the focus on education and prevention practices to avoid unnecessary E.R. visits and hospitalization. Our agency can also eliminate the utilization and common confusion of multiple agencies managing different aspects of a patient’s care, all while trying to determine who is ultimately responsible for that patient’s plan. CHHS is not limited when it comes to coordination of care for your overall needs.

Home Care services are typically paid for with out-of-pocket funds, or even long-term care insurance. However, The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid (CMS) have identified the impact that social needs and social determinants have on the overall wellness of people. To improve the ability for insurance plans to improve outcomes, CMS has eased up on the rules of how to allow Medicare Advantage (M.A.) health plans to include these services as a benefit. This new benefit is not widely implemented across all M.A. plans today, but it is expected that in 2020, about 250 Medicare Advantage plans will include new home care (non-skilled in-home care) benefits. The added benefits and roll-out dates by states will vary with your M.A. plan, but be sure to ask your insurance carrier about your plan and if these benefits are included.

If you ever have a question on the benefits included in your current insurance plan or want to talk about how you can benefit and start home care services, please give us a call. We look forward to helping you navigate this season of life.


Without Caprock I wouldn’t have stepped out of my house. Now they are helping me get my drivers license so I can be more independent.

Brayden, Lubbock

Carlos personally cares for me like I’m family. One night after hours when I got really sick, he came to the hospital to look after me. Who else would do that?

Ramona, Lubbock

The people at Caprock are very special to me. No matter what I need they are just a phone call away. I have been with other providers in the past but Caprock is different, they really care about me.

John, Lubbock



Our patients invite us into their homes, to help them with their home health care needs based upon aging, disability, or debilitating diseases. We must show them and their families a high level of compassion and concern for their well being.

We take a lot of pride in the quality of our work. Our patients have entrusted us with their home health care needs and deserve a high level of quality care.

Change in the healthcare industry is inevitable, therefore we must always be prepared to change our practices and improve our technology to ensure the wellbeing of our patients.

We like to encourage our employees to reach their full potential. As our employees become established within their jobs, we want to create opportunities for them to feel fulfilled.

We offer many different home health services, some of which can overlap. We always work as a team to provide a strong home health care service to our patients.

Our employees make us a strong company, therefore we will continuously create opportunities to obtain and utilize their suggestions of workplace and home care service delivery improvements.


If you or your loved one can benefit from personalized home treatment, please contact us.