Our History

Caprock was founded in 1983 by Marciano & Martha Morales with a whole lot of grit and tenacity. Mr. Morales moved from Kansas City to Lubbock to work for a hospital group that then shut its doors. Marciano spun off a home health company from this group that came to be known as Caprock Home Health in 1983. He had a vision to provide quality care to patients in their homes when this was a totally new and progressive idea. He was a pioneer in the industry and despite Caprock’s humble beginnings, Marciano and Martha have seen the company grow larger than they ever could have imagined or envisioned. But that is what happens when you embrace our patients and clients.
Caprock has positively impacted the lives of thousands of clients and employees that have been part of the Caprock team over the years. With the growing need for home health across Texas, Marciano and Martha knew their son, Carlos, would be able to use his heart for service and his brain for business to take Caprock into this new era: an area of both legacy and innovation. Marciano and Martha’s passion and vision continue to beat strong throughout the organization.
Caprock Home Health is now the largest, family-owned home health agency in the great state of Texas. We now have 5 parent offices located in Abilene, Amarillo, El Paso, Lubbock, and San Antonio, with more than a dozen offices total, spread across the state.
Caprock Home Health…Founded with grit and built on compassionate care for our clients.


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