Caprock Foundation

Caprock Foundation was formed by Marciano and Martha Morales, owners of Caprock Home Health Services, Inc., as a vehicle to give back to the local communities that have supported their business over the years.

The famous Gala Latina is a local non-profit fund raising event, established in 2009 powered by volunteers, to promote and support local Charity organizations in Lubbock and surrounding counties. Each year Gala Latina will award funds for a one-year period, from its proceeds, to charity based organizations that support its mission. The Foundation’s sole purpose and interest is to enhance and support programs directly impacting and dedicated to providing services in the broad areas of social services (children/family services, early childhood development, parenting education), health (programs that promote well-being of children promote access to health services), education or community (community improvement, youth development,).

In addition, each year Gala Latina will select and feature a local charitable organization in an effort to increase awareness of their services.


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